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Why skydiving for charity is a win win scenario!

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

People ask skydivers - why do you jump out of a perfectly good plane? And we always smile to ourselves when we reply to this because it's likely that any amount of explanation will not convince the person asking that type of question that, even though we know the plane is perfectly good and safe, we usually jump for fun!

One of the best ways to experience a skydive for the first time, and get that experience too, is strapped to the front of a qualified skydiver, and to make it even more worthwhile, taking part in this exciting activity, by raising vital funds for charity at the same time - Win-Win!

But why not just do a sponsored run or hike or other activity? Why skydiving?

Chas McNeil owner of Skydive Isle of Wight has been a tandem instructor for many years says "Our tandem students tell us that they have raised more than they ever imagined for their chosen charity by choosing to skydive at Skydive Isle of Wight over any other type of activity because of the perceived 'risk' or 'danger'. Instead of donating £5 or £10 people give double those amounts and the overall amounts raised are far greater for skydiving than other fundraising ventures. It's a win-win situation. The student gets a life-changing experience and the charity gets a greater amount of funds raised."

Chas went on to say "It's my job and all I want to achieve is a great skydive for the student in order to get down and do another and another then at the end of the day watch the sunset and head home to my family. It's normal to me but I always make each jump special for every student because it's a big deal for them and the charities."

Chas is pictured here in action with one of his students.

We have a great community of charities that we are connected with and they return to us year after year with new fundraisers also some students who loved it so much they come back and do it again!

How do you raise the funds to take part a charity skydive with Skydive Isle of Wight?

“Instead of donating £5 or £10 people give double those amounts and the overall amounts raised are far greater for skydiving than other fundraising ventures.”

Asking friends or family to donate is usually the first step and if you have work colleagues they may also donate. Using an online fundraising page is easier too. A percentage of the funds you raise may go toward your skydive or you may choose to pay for it yourself to allow more money to go to the charity. Your chosen charity will guide you with the amounts you will need to raise. Talk to the charity for ideas of how to raise awareness of your activity and how to get donations. You will be nicely surprised how generous people will be when you tell them you are going to leap out of a perfectly good plane!

You can take a look at some of our charities here or choose your own

If you'd just like to chat with a member of our team before committing we are happy to go through this with you. Visit our Contact page to get in touch

And remember it's a win win!

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