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"Book a skydive and let's high-five!"

Hi - my name is Catherine (KC) and I am a camera flyer for the wonderful team at Skydive Isle of Wight

man skydiving
Rob Bryan - Skydive Isle of Wight

Skydiving is an amazing experience and when you do it for the first time it can be overwhelming to grasp the concept of what you have actually done let alone explain it! A complete sensory overload for some! So if you are at a loss for words to describe your skydive how will your friends and family know what your experience was like?

By having your skydive filmed you can share every single adrenaline-filled moment with them. Your personal camera flyer is with you from the moment you put the harness on and meet your instructor, to when you touch down on the solid ground again.

As well as capturing the amazing views from the plane and your flight upwards to jump altitude, the camera team films your reaction as the door on the plane slides open as you look out over the whole of the Isle of Wight and as you move towards the door and the exit point. Because we exit the plane at the same time as you, we get to capture the look on your face in freefall! Every single emotion is captured on film! Some say this is the highlight of the video.

It also means that your spectators can enjoy the experience without having to try to capture a dot in the sky whilst trying to film you with their mobile phones!

Here are my top reasons why you must get your skydive filmed! (And I have been doing this for many years), here goes...

Raising money? If you are a charity skydiver then your video could be so much more than just proof that you ‘Did It!’ It can help you raise more than you ever imagined for your chosen charity. Give the charity a shout-out in your pre or post-jump interview to remind everyone why you are doing this and don’t forget to tag them when you post it on social media. Charge your colleagues to watch it and watch those £’s roll in!

Nervous? Having a camera flyer can be a great focus for you. While your instructor is busy checking everything is tickety boo with your equipment, the parachute, and getting prepared for the big leap, your camera flyer will be making sure you look good in the video. Camera flyers are great at reassuring tandem students, reminding you to smile for the camera, and, when the moment comes to leave the plane, making sure you are looking right at us which is the best way to stop you from closing your eyes and missing the whole experience!

Freefall is over in the blink of an eye! From sitting on the edge of the plane to being back on solid ground can feel like no time at all. With the video, you get to replay those moments again and again, and your professionally edited film even includes your exit in slow motion! Watch some of our videos on our YouTube channel Every time you watch your footage those feelings will come flooding back – from the butterflies in your stomach to that sense of exhilaration as you put your faith in your instructor and leave the plane and finally experience freefalling.

How cool you are? Skydiving is cool and skydivers are even cooler. That includes you if you are the star of my film! Once everyone has seen your video even teenagers might think you’re cool – although don’t expect them to actually say it!

Nothing beats high-fiving a camera flyer in freefall (although blowing kisses to your loved ones that they only see when they watch the film is a close second) so add a camera package when you book your skydive and let’s high-five!

Written by camera flyer, Catherine Kempton (that's me in the bottom row wearing fabulous yellow sunglasses! I absolutely love skydiving and I want you to have the very best experience on the day and love it too!

Get it filmed!


Watch a video I filmed in 2022 - Rob Bryan was a star

How many high-fives did we get?

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